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Get started

Follow the guides in our user documentation to get started using Funkwhale.

Set up your Funkwhale account

Some Funkwhale pods allow you to listen to music without signing up. To get the most out of Funkwhale, you should create an account. Check out Your account to get started.

Publish your content on Funkwhale

Got a podcast you want to share with the world? Working on a new album? Funkwhale gives you the tools you need to share your creativity with the Fediverse. Publish your work in Channels to start building up your following.

Upload your collection to Funkwhale

Want to listen to your private collection using Funkwhale? Upload your files to Libraries to store your collection on your pod and share it with others.

Start listening

Want to listen to something new or enjoy an old favorite? Follow the guides in the sections linked below to master playback in Funkwhale:

  • Learn how to use the Queue to organize playback.

  • Build Playlists to personalize how you enjoy your favorite content.

  • Create new Radios to automate your listening experience.

Report content and users

If you’ve come across something that doesn’t abide by a pod’s rules or the law, you can report it. Follow the guides in the Reporting section to see how.

Access Funkwhale from other apps

Funkwhale supports a subset of the Subsonic API. This means you can play your Funkwhale content on Subsonic apps. Learn more about how to do this in the Subsonic section.

Enhance your experience with plugins

Funkwhale supports plugins to extend its features or to add new features. Check out our Plugins section for details about our plugins and how to use them.