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Docker migration guide

Funkwhale used to offer two Docker-based installation methods. The multi-container method separates each services into its own container. The mono-container method kept all services into a single container.

The project deprecated the mono-container method as of Funkwhale 1.3.0. We decided not to continue supporting it for the following reasons:

  1. It required a lot of maintenance when upgrading dependencies.

  2. It offers no advantages over the multi-container method. Not separating the processes defeats the point of containerization.

Follow this guide to migrate a mono-container installation to a multi-container setup.

Back up your Funkwhale directory

  1. Before you begin, log in as your funkwhale user

    sudo -u funkwhale -H bash
  2. Create a full backup of your /srv/funkwhale directory.

    cd /srv/
    sudo cp funkwhale funkwhale.bak
  3. Go to the original /srv/funkwhale folder to run the migration.

    cd /srv/funkwhale

Dump your Funkwhale database

  1. Create a backup of your Funkwhale database. We will import this into the new postgres container later.

    sudo docker compose exec funkwhale /usr/bin/pg_dumpall -U funkwhale > db_dump.sql

Stop your Funkwhale instance

  1. Stop all Funkwhale services. This ensures that no data is changed while you migrate your instance.

    sudo docker compose down

Prepare the multi-container setup

  1. Export the Funkwhale version you want to install.

    export FUNKWHALE_VERSION=1.4.0
  2. Take a backup of your current docker-compose.yml file.

    mv docker-compose.yml docker-compose.yml.bak
  3. Download the required template files.

    curl -L -o docker-compose.yml "${FUNKWHALE_VERSION}/deploy/docker-compose.yml"
    curl -L -o nginx/funkwhale.template "${FUNKWHALE_VERSION}/deploy/docker.nginx.template"
    curl -L -o nginx/funkwhale_proxy.conf "${FUNKWHALE_VERSION}/deploy/docker.funkwhale_proxy.conf"

Update your instance env file

  1. Take a backup of your current .env file.

    mv .env .env.bak
  2. Download the .env file template.

    curl -L -o .env "${FUNKWHALE_VERSION}/deploy/"
  3. Change the permissions on your .env file.

    chmod 600 .env
  4. Replace the version number in your new .env file.

  5. Copy the settings from your old .env file to your new .env file.

    cat .env.bak >> .env

Check the file and remove any duplicated settings after copying.

Migrate your database

  1. Start up your new database container.

    # docker compose up -d postgres
  2. Import your database dump into the new container.

    # cat db_dump.sql | docker compose exec -T postgres psql -U postgres
  3. Run the database migrations.

    # docker compose run --rm api funkwhale-manage migrate

Start your Funkwhale instance

Once you have imported your database and run migrations, you can start all containers.

# docker compose up -d