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Get started

Follow the guides in this section to set up and administrate your pod.

Install Funkwhale on your server

Funkwhale is self-hosted, meaning you run it on your own server. To set up your own Funkwhale pod, check out our installation guides. Choose the installation method that works for you!

Configure your Funkwhale pod

Once you’ve installed Funkwhale, you can use the guides in this section to configure it.

Upgrade your Funkwhale pod

Funkwhale releases new updates regularly. To keep up-to-date with these changes, check out our upgrade guides. If you’re moving from our deprecated mono-container Docker setup, check out our migration guide.

Manage your Funkwhale pod

Funkwhale provides tools for managing content and users on your Funkwhale pod. In addition to the frontend moderation tools, pod admins can use some extra tools for more powerful administration. Check out our guide to the Django dashboard and our management script to get started.