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Make a release

Once we’re ready to release a new version of the software, we can use the following process:

  1. Export the new release version

    export NEXT_RELEASE=1.3.0
  2. Export the previous release version

    export PREVIOUS_RELEASE=1.2.9
  3. Pull the latest version of the develop branch. Use stable if you’re releasing a bugfix.

    git checkout stable
    git pull
    git checkout develop
    git pull
  4. Compile the changelog

    towncrier build --version $NEXT_RELEASE
  5. Check the output and fix typos and mistakes

  6. Add a list of contributors

    python3 scripts/ $NEXT_RELEASE # Output a list of contributors
    git log $PREVIOUS_RELEASE.. --format="- %aN" --reverse | sort | uniq # Get a list of all commit authors
    nano # Add these lists to the
  7. Update the next release version

    cd api
    poetry version "$NEXT_RELEASE"
    cd ..
  8. Commit all changes

    git add .
    git commit -m "Version bump and changelog for $NEXT_RELEASE"
  9. Create a tag

    git tag $NEXT_RELEASE
  10. Publish the new tag to GitLab

    git push --tags && git push
  11. Merge your changes into the alternate branch

    git checkout develop && git merge stable && git push
    git checkout stable && git merge develop && git push

Don’t forget to create a blog post to announce the new release!