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Changelog fragments

We try to add changelog fragments when we make changes so that we can show users what we’ve done. These fragments are small text files that contain a summary of changes. When we make a release, we compile these into a full changelog using towncrier.

Each changelog fragment should contain a short and meaningful summary of changes and include the issue number (where applicable). For example:

Fixed broken audio player on Chrome 42 for ogg files (#567)

If there’s no issue, insert the merge request identifier instead:

Fixed a typo in landing page copy (!342)


Changelog fragments use the following naming convention: changes/changelog.d/<name>.category>. The <name> can be anything that describes your work, or the issue ID. The category can be one of the following:

  • feature – a new feature

  • enhancement – an extension of an existing feature

  • bugfix – a bugfix or patch

  • refactoring – refactored code

  • doc – new documentation

  • i18n – internationalization-related work

  • misc – any work that doesn’t fit into the above categories

You can create these files manually or use the following command to create a fragment:

towncrier new --edit $issue.$category