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Glossary of terms

Funkwhale glossary


A pod is an instance of Funkwhale running on a server. Pods can communicate with one another across the Fediverse.


Users who have an account on a Funkwhale pod. These users provide their authentication information when accessing content.


Users who do not have an account on a Funkwhale pod. These users don’t provide any authentication when accessing content.


Additional rights that an administrator/moderator can grant to a user. Permissions grant access to menus and actions in Funkwhale.

Available permissions:

  • Moderation – Grants access to the Moderation menu. Enables the user to moderate users, domains, and the allow-list.

  • Manage library – Grants access to the Library menu. Enables the user to make changes to library content. This includes deleting local objects and handling edit suggestions.

  • Manage instance-level settings – Grants access to the Settings menu. Enables the user to make changes to pod-level settings such as security settings and API behavior.

Report categories

The different types of report a person can submit to your pod.

Available categories:

  • Takedown request – allow users to request content be removed from your pod.

  • Invalid metadata – allow users to inform moderators about incorrect metadata on content.

  • Illegal content – allow users to flag content as illegal.

  • Offensive content – allow users to flag offensive or hurtful content to moderators.

  • Other – allow users to submit reports that don’t fit into the above categories.

Channel glossary


A term used to refer to a collection of federated (interconnected) servers. These servers run software that enables users to publish and host their own content.


A podcatcher is a piece of software that can read podcast feeds. Podcatchers enable listeners to follow and listen to podcast content.

Plugin glossary


A plugin is a piece of software that extends the functionality of another piece of software.


Scrobbling is the act of recording listen data. Services use this information to keep track of listening preferences and recommend music.

ActivityPub glossary


A person with an account on a Funkwhale server or ActivityPub-enabled platform.


A collection of information - formatted as JSON-LD - that represents entities such as content, users, or activities performed in Funkwhale. See the ActivityPub specification for more details.


A verb that describes an action targeting an Object. This informs the receiving server what it needs to do with the object. For example: Create, Delete, Undo, Follow, Block.


An ActivityPub object acting on behalf of another object across federated services. See the ActivityPub specification for more details.

Service actor

A special actor that represents a Funkwhale pod. ActivityPub actors can follow this actor to receive updates to public content stored on the pod.


A status that marks an object as deleted but leaves some metadata intact to prevent reuse.