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Back up your Funkwhale instance

Before performing big changes, we recommend you back up your database and media files. Follow the instructions in this guide to back up your instance.

  1. Back up your database.

    $ sudo -u postgres -H pg_dumpall -c funkwhale > /path/to/your/backup/dump_`date +%d-%m-%Y"_"%H_%M_%S`.sql
    1. Stop the running containers:

    $ sudo docker compose down
    1. Dump the database to a backup file:

    $ sudo docker compose run --rm postgres pg_dump -U postgres postgres > dump_`date +%d-%m-%Y"_"%H_%M_%S`.sql
  2. Back up your media files. In this example we use rsync to back up the files.

    $ rsync -avzhP /srv/funkwhale/data/media /path/to/your/backup/media
    $ rsync -avzhP /srv/funkwhale/data/music /path/to/your/backup/music
    $ rsync -avzhP /srv/funkwhale/data/media /path/to/your/backup/media
    $ rsync -avzhP /srv/funkwhale/data/music /path/to/your/backup/music
  3. Back up your configuration files.

    $ rsync -avzhP /srv/funkwhale/config/.env /path/to/your/backup/.env
    $ rsync -avzhP /srv/funkwhale/.env /path/to/your/backup/.env

If you are performing regular backups, you may need deduplication and compression to keep the size down. In this case, a tool like borg is more appropriate.

Restore a backup

Restore your files

To restart your files, do the following:

  1. Rename your current file directories.

    $ mv /srv/funkwhale/data/media /srv/funkwhale/data/media.bak
    $ mv /srv/funkwhale/data/music /srv/funkwhale/data/music.bak
  2. Restore your backed-up files to the original directories.

    $ mv /path/to/your/backup/media /srv/funkwhale/data/media
    $ mv /path/to/your/backup/music /srv/funkwhale/data/music

Restore the database

To restore your database, do the following:

  1. Restore your database backup:

    $ sudo -u postgres psql -f /path/to/your/backup/dump.sql funkwhale
  2. Run the funkwhale-manage migrate command to set up the database.

    $ cd /srv/funkwhale
    $ venv/bin/funkwhale-manage migrate
  1. Restore your database backup.

    $ sudo docker compose run --rm -T postgres psql -U postgres postgres < "/path/to/your/backup/dump.sql"
  2. Run the funkwhale-manage migrate command to set up the database.

    $ sudo docker compose run --rm api funkwhale-manage migrate
  3. Restart the services.

    $ sudo docker compose up -d