Following Channels

Following Funkwhale Channels on Funkwhale

If a channel was created on a Funkwhale pod, you can easily follow it from another pod or from the same pod like a user account.

If you know the name of the channel:

  • Search for the channel name and select it from the results

  • Click on the “Subscribe” button to start following

If you have the channel’s full social network name:

  • Go the the “Channels” tab on the left hand side

  • Click “Add new”

  • Paste the full address of the channel (in the format @name@pod.extension) or the URL to the channel

  • Click “Subscribe”

Following Funkwhale Channels Through the Fediverse

Funkwhale channels can be followed from different ActivityPub-enabled applications such as Mastodon and Reel2Bits. To do this:

  • Get the channel name (in the format @name@pod.extension) or the URL to the channel

  • Search for the account and follow it in the same way as any other account

Following Funkwhale Channels through podcast apps

If you want to listen to a podcast published on Funkwhale through another podcasting app, you can find the channel’s RSS feed and paste it in to the application of your choice. To get the RSS feed of a channel:

  • Find the channel in question and click on the RSS icon next to the three dot menu

  • Copy the RSS feed under the “Subscribe via RSS” and paste this in to your application

Following RSS Feeds on Funkwhale

As a podcast platform, Funkwhale supports following podcasts hosted externally using RSS feeds. To follow an external podcast:

  • Copy the RSS feed link from the podcast (this will usually end with .xml, .rss or feed

  • Enter the URL into the search bar and click “Subscribe to podcast via RSS” or go to the “Channels” tab on the left hand side, click “Add new”, paste the URL and click “Subscribe”

The podcast will then be loaded in to your pod