Using Funkwhale from other apps

As of today, the only official client for using Funkwhale is the web client, the one you use in your browser.

While the web client works okay, it’s still not ready for some use cases, especially:

  • Usage on narrow/touche screens (smartphones, tablets)
  • Usage on the go, with an intermittent connexion

This pages lists alternative clients you can use to connect to your Funkwhale instance and enjoy your music.

Subsonic-compatible clients

Since version 0.12, Funkwhale implements a subset of the Subsonic API. This API is a de-facto standard for a lot of projects out there, and many clients are available that works with this API.

Those Subsonic features are supported in Funkwhale:

  • Search (artists, albums, tracks)
  • Common library browsing using ID3 tags (list artists, albums, etc.)
  • Playlist management
  • Stars (which is mapped to Funkwhale’s favorites)

Those features as missing:

  • Transcoding/streaming with different bitrates
  • Album covers
  • Artist info (this data is not available in Funkwhale)
  • Library browsing that relies music directories
  • Bookmarks
  • Admin
  • Chat
  • Shares


If you know or use some recent, well-maintained, Subsonic clients, please get in touch so we can add them to this list.

Especially we’re still lacking an iOS client!

Enabling Subsonic on your Funkwhale account

To log-in on your Funkwhale account from Subsonic clients, you will need to set a separate Subsonic API password by visiting your settings page.

Then, when using a client, you’ll have to input some information about your server:

  1. Your Funkwhale instance URL (e.g.
  2. Your Funkwhale username (e.g. demo)
  3. Your Subsonic API password (the one you set earlier in this section)

In your client configuration, please double check the “ID3” or “Browse with tags” setting is enabled.

Ultrasonic (Android)

Ultrasonic is a full-featured Subsonic client with Playlists, Stars, Search, Offline mode, etc.

It’s one of the recommended Android client to use with Funkwhale, as we are doing our Android tests on this one.

DSub (Android)

DSub is a full-featured Subsonic client that works great, and has a lot of features:

  • Playlists
  • Stars
  • Search
  • Offline cache (with configurable size, playlist download, queue prefetching, etc.)

It’s one of the recommended Android client to use with Funkwhale, as we are doing our Android tests on this one.

play:Sub (iOS)

Although paying, this app is known to work great with Funkwhale as the maintainer, Michael Bech Hansen implements Funkwhale specific logic and checks.

Substreamer (iOS)

Clementine (Desktop)

This desktop client works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and is able to stream music from your Funkwhale instance. However, it does not implement advanced features such as playlist management, search or stars.

This is the client we use for our desktop tests.