Handling user reports

Users can submit reports in various places. When they do so, their report ends up in a moderation queue until it is reviewed and resolved by a moderator.

View unresolved reports

Assuming you have the moderation permission, you’ll find a “Moderation” link in the sidebar.

Clicking on this link will bring you to the list of unresolved reports. For convenience, the number of unresolved reports (if any) is also displayed directly next to this link, and updated in real time when new reports are submitted.

E-mail notifications

In addition to the web UI, all moderators will receive a notification e-mail whenever a report is submitted or resolved providing your pod has a valid e-mail sending configuration. This notification will include a link to review and handle the report, as well as additional information about the report itself.

Handling reports

When viewing the moderation queue, you will be presented with the list of unresolved reports.

Each report in the queue should include all the information you need to handle it, in particular:

  • Who submitted the report (or the e-mail adress of the submitter if it’s an accountless report)

  • The report content

  • A link to the reported object, and a copy of this object data at the time the report was submitted

When you mark a report as resolved, the report will simply be removed from the queue, and you can proceed to the next one.

Doing so will also assign the report to you, so other moderators can see who handled a given report.

Internal Notes

Whenever you need to perform an action because of a report, you can use the included form to leave a note to other moderators, or even yourself, for reference.

These notes are viewable by instance admins and moderators only.