LDAP configuration

LDAP is a protocol for providing directory services, in practice allowing a central authority for user login information.

Funkwhale supports LDAP through the Django LDAP authentication module and by setting several configuration options.


Note that LDAP-based users cannot change their password inside the app.


LDAP support requires some additional dependencies to enable. On the OS level both libldap2-dev and libsasl2-dev are required, and the Python modules python-ldap and python-django-auth-ldap must be installed. These dependencies are all included in the requirements.* files so deploying with those will install these dependencies by default. However, they are not required unless LDAP support is explicitly enabled.

Environment variables

LDAP authentication is configured entirely through the environment variables. The following options enable the LDAP features:

Basic features

  • LDAP_ENABLED: Set to True to enable LDAP support. Default: False.

  • LDAP_SERVER_URI: LDAP URI to the authentication server, e.g. ldap://my.host:389.

  • LDAP_BIND_DN: LDAP user DN to bind as to perform searches.

  • LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD: LDAP user password for bind DN.

  • LDAP_SEARCH_FILTER: The LDAP user filter, using {0} as the username placeholder, e.g. (|(cn={0})(mail={0})); uses standard LDAP search syntax. Default: (uid={0}).

  • LDAP_START_TLS: Set to True to enable LDAP StartTLS support. Default: False.

  • LDAP_ROOT_DN: The LDAP search root DN, e.g. dc=my,dc=domain,dc=com; supports multiple entries in a space-delimited list, e.g. dc=users,dc=domain,dc=com dc=admins,dc=domain,dc=com.

  • LDAP_USER_ATTR_MAP: A mapping of Django user attributes to LDAP values, e.g. first_name:givenName, last_name:sn, username:cn, email:mail. Default: first_name:givenName, last_name:sn, username:cn, email:mail.

  • AUTH_LDAP_BIND_AS_AUTHENTICATING_USER: Controls whether direct binding is used. Default: False.

Group features

For details on these options, see the Django documentation. Group configuration is disabled unless an LDAP_GROUP_DN is set. This is an advanced LDAP feature and most users should not need to configure these settings.

  • LDAP_GROUP_DN: The LDAP group search root DN, e.g. ou=groups,dc=domain,dc=com.

  • LDAP_GROUP_FILTER: The LDAP group filter, e.g. (objectClass=groupOfNames).

  • LDAP_REQUIRE_GROUP: A group users must be a part of to authenticate, e.g. cn=enabled,ou=groups,dc=domain,dc=com.

  • LDAP_DENY_GROUP: A group users must not be a part of to authenticate, e.g. cn=disabled,ou=groups,dc=domain,dc=com.