Identifying Gaps in Funkwhale Documentation

As Funkwhale and its community continue to grow and develop, more and more processes and features will need to be documented. As users find interesting new ways to interact with the software, provide novel solutions to existing issues, and find information they need missing, the documents will need to be updated and added to.

If you are trying to do something in Funkwhale and can’t find any resources to help, you can help out by contributing in one of the following ways:

Providing Documentation

If you’ve identified a gap or mistake in the documentation and feel comfortable writing up new guides/correcting existing ones, please feel free to do so. The best way to do this is by following the document creation guide to make sure your documents get processed as quickly as possible.

Requesting Documentation

If you’re not comfortable with writing documents or don’t feel like you can, you can help out by requesting a document be written. There are three ways to request new documents:

  • Open a new issue on Gitlab, providing as much detail as possible

  • Start a new thread on the forum with more details about your requests

  • Ask somebody on our chat room