This documentation only applies for the development version of Funkwhale! Visit the docs for the latest release.

Git workflow

Funkwhale uses GitLab’s merge requests to manage changes. The workflow looks like this:

  1. Assign the issue you are working on to yourself, or create one if it doesn’t exist

  2. Create a fork of the project

  3. Check out the develop branch. If you’re making a minor change (such as fixing a typo) you can check out the stable branch

  4. Create a new branch based on the checked out branch. Make sure to give your branch a meaningful name and include the issue number if required

  5. Work on your changes locally. Try to keep each commit small to make reviews easier

  6. Add a changelog fragment summarizing your changes

  7. Lint the codebase using the following command:

    black --check --diff . # Run the black linter in the project root to highlight any new issues
    cd front
    yarn run eslint # Run eslint in the front directory
  8. Push your branch

  9. Create a merge request in the GitLab frontend

  10. We’ll review your request and feed back